A lot of sports use Physics to enhance the performance of players and their games. Similarly, sports can be used in class to explain concepts in Science such as Physics. Newton's laws of motion can be easily understood by just analysing the various shots that Sachin plays.


There are a lot of concepts in Math that can be learnt through Sports. Cricket is a religion in India and played in almost every street. Take the case of learning math through sports for example. It is very easy to learn about various types of graphs and other statistics.

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Having been through a good schooling system and being an engineer, I realized on hindsight that there are lot of concepts that a student can learn from sports such as cricket. This program is an endeavour to make Learning easy.


Homework problems for each topic as activities to be solved after you finish a topic.



Class I, II, III, IV and V

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Class VI, VII and VIII

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Class IX and X

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